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【跨境】Double-Layer Recessed Wall Niche,N1-2 Series IKITRAEE Double-Layer Stainless Steel Shower Niche, No Tile Needed Bathroom Niche,

  • Description

Stainless steel niches function:

Enhance spatial aesthetics: By setting stainless steel niches on the walls,the layering and decoration ofthe space can be increased, enhancing the overall

aesthetic of the space.

Increase storage space: Stainles steel niches can serve as storage spaces for various items such as books, decorations, plants, etc, increasing indo

storage space.

Convenient acces: The design of the niche ensures that the placement of items is fixed, making it easy to acces and organize, and also avoids damage tothe wall caused by casually pasting hooks and other items on the wall.

Niche features:

Material is sturdy and durable: Stainless steel material is sturdy and durable, not easy to deform, not easy to rust, and easy to maintain.Strong load-bearing capacity: Stainless steel niches have good load-bearing capacity and can accommodate heavy objects without causing excessiveburden on the wall.

Diversified design: Stainless steel niches can be customized according to personal preferences and space size to meet different needs and aesthetics.Easy installation: The installation process of stainles steel niches is relatively simple, usualy requiring fixing on the wall and filing the gaps. The productis sealed and welded, without the need for complex waterproofing and tiling operations.

in summary, stainless steel niches have multiple characteristics such as beauty, pracicality, and durability, which can meet the needs of modern home ifeFor more information, please contact IKITRAEE

Easy Installation】: Place the recessed wall niche into the24.2in*12.2in*4.2in (length*width*height) hole reserved on the wall, and fixthe edges with silicone adhesive. No tile needed , which saves installation

time and money, and has a beautiful appearance.Durable】: Bathroom niche is made of stainless steel material and has aspecial coating treatment on the surface, Stainless steel shower niche hasdouble the rust and anti-corrosion performance. Adopting a sealed weldingprocess to ensure that moisture does not seep into the walls. The coating hasa lotus leaf effect and is easy to clean.

【Minimalist Appearance】: Modern and simple design, elegant matte blacksurface, versatile for various home decoration styles.【Large Capacity Design】: Double shelves shower niche can be installedvertically to place items in two layers, or horizontally to separate andorganize items, Storage shelf has sufficient internal capacity.

【Suitable for Scenarios】: Suitable for placing shower products in the showerroom, placing handicrafts and decorations in the living room, storing kitchenutensils in the kitchen, placing decorations in the study, and placing cosmeticsand photo albums in the bedroom.

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